Below lists each property and its current availability:


Flat 1 Fairfield

Not Available

Not Available

Flat 2 Fairfield 

Flat 3 (Guest flat) Fairfield 

Not Available

Flat 4 Fairfield 

Not Available

Flat 5 Fairfield


Not Available

Flat 6 Fairfield 

Not Available

Flat 7 Fairfield 

Not Available

Flat 8 Fairfield 

Flat 9 Fairfield 

Flat 10 Fairfield 

Flat 11 Fairfield 

Flat 12 Fairfield 

Flat 13 Fairfield 

Flat 14 Fairfield 

Flat 15 Fairfield 

Flat 1 Fairfield

Small Hallway
Living Room/Kitchen 7.2m max x 4.3m
Bedroom 4.2m x 4m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.3m x 2.2m

Flat 2 Fairfield

First Floor Level
Living Room/Kitchen 5.25m x 4.3m + Bay
Bedroom 4.3m x 3.58m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.13m x 2.14m


Flat 3 Fairfield (Guest flat)

Lower Level
Entrance Hall
Living Room 4.3m x 4.3m + Bay
Kitchen 2.9m x 1.94m
Large Bedroom 4.3m x 3.96m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.36m x 6.65m

Second Floor Level
Large Bedroom 6.5m x 4.15m + Recess 2.16m x 1.97m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.37m x 2.28m

Flat 4 Fairfield

Ground Floor with own Outside Entrance
Entrance Hall
Living Room 5.8m x 4.65m into Bay
Separate Kitchen 3m x 2.1m
Bedroom 4.3m x 2.9m
Shower room/W.C. 1.75m 1.6m

Flat 5 Fairfield

Living Room/Kitchen 4.7m x 4m
Bedroom 3.5m x 2.9m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.25m x 1.64m

Flat 6 Fairfield

Own Outside Entrance from the Rear

Entrance Hall and Staircase to First Floor Level
Living Room & Kitchen 4.72m x 4.06m + Recess
Bedroom 3.5m x 2.92m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.25m x 1.64m

Lower Ground Floor Level
Meeting Room 5.1m x 5.37m into Bay
Store Room 7m into Bay x 4.33m
Further Store Room 4.2m x 2.6m
Freezer Room 4.23m x 1.5m
Boiler Room 4.05m x 3.87m
including electric meters and circuit breakers

2 Potterton Paramount Gas Fired Central Heating Boilers
TV Aerial system for Television, FM Radio and Satellite TV

Flat 15 Fairfield Mews (Guest flat)

Maisonette comprising of

Ground Floor
Entrance Hall
Cloakroom/W.C. 1.5m x 1.4m
Living Room 4.5m x 3.5m + Bay
Kitchen 3.1m max x 2.8m

First Floor
Bedroom 3.65m x 3.55m + Bay
Bathroom/W.C. 2.55m x 2m

Flat 16 Fairfield Mews (Guest flat)

Ground Floor Entrance adjacent to Garages and Staircase leading to

First Floor
Living Room/Kitchen 5.53m x 4.74m
Bedroom 4.48m x 3.3m
Shower Room/W.C. 3.05m x 1.92m 

Flat 7 Fairfield West

Living Room/Kitchen 4.9m x 3.56m
Bedroom 3.78m x 2.58m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.83m x 1.2m

Flat 8 Fairfield West

Living Room & Kitchen 6.8m x 3.6m
Bedroom 3.8m x 3.5m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.5m x 1.9m

To the Rear of the Hallway
Store Room 6.2m max x 4.4m
Further Store 4.82m x 3.7m
Boiler Room 5.3m x 2.1m
2 Baxi megaflo gas fired central heating boilers
2 hot water cylinders.

To the northern side of the building on the ground floor level communal door to
Entrance Hall with Stannah 4-person 400 kg passenger lift.

Flat 9 Fairfield West

Entrance Hall
Living Room & Kitchen 6.3m max x 4.5m
Bedroom 4.5m x 4.4m max.
Bathroom/W.C. 2.5m x 1.9m

Flat 10 Fairfield West

Entrance Hall
Living Room & Kitchen 4.82m x 3.82m
Bedroom 4.53m x 2.96m
Bathroom/W.C. 3.27m max x 2.5m

First Floor
Landing Areas

Flat 11 Fairfield West

Entrance Hall
Kitchen 3.2m x 2.8m
Sitting Room 4.6m x 4.15m
Bedroom 4.5m x 3m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.5m x 2.4m

Flat 12 Fairfield West

Entrance Hall
Living Room & Kitchen 6.36m into Bay x 4.47m
Bedroom 4.57m x 4.5m
Bathroom/W.C. 2.85m x 1.88m + Recess.

Flat 13 Fairfield West

Entrance Hall
Living Room 4.94m x 4.5m
Kitchen 4.34m x 3.43m
Bedroom 4.36m x 3.76m
Bathroom/W.C. 3.28m x 1.76m

Flat 14 Fairfield West

Ground Floor
Entrance Hall
Cloakroom/ wc
Living Room 4.5m x 3.5m plus bay
Kitchen 3.1m max x 2.8m

First Floor
Bedroom 3.65m x 3.55m plus bay
Bathroom/ wc 2.55m x 2m