Our accommodation

The majority of flats consist of one bedroom, one living room with open plan kitchen and bathroom/wc. hot water are provided from communal gas boilers and are individually metered to each flat. The flats are double glazed and carpeted. There are attractive communal hallway entrances to all the flats and there are lifts to the upper floors. In the Lower Ground Floor Level of Fairfield there is a Communal Meeting Room and Store Rooms.

Aerial systems are installed for Television, FM Radio and Satellite TV

There is a communal laundry and deep freezes for both houses. The well kept gardens are for the use of all residents on equal terms. Three of the flats, including one family flat, are kept as guest flats and are available to residents to rent at a subsidised rate. A gallery of the inside of the guest flats is at the bottom of this page.

The ambience of Fairfield is for people who wish to live independently in a Christian environment; to feel part of a family dedicated to helping each other.



What our residents say:


“It’s the spectacular views and opportunity for walking on the nearby seashore and headlands” 
“A friendly place where I feel comfortable and secure”  
“it is a delightful mix of old and new, surrounded by a spacious garden”
 “I feel safe and well cared for, with pleasant neighbours in beautiful, quiet surroundings” 


The philosophy and culture of the Fairfield Trust is embodied in the history of the Trust and the generosity of its benefactor, the late Reverend Alex Dick . For further details click here.

The day to day management of the properties is carried out by Belmont Property Management with a member of staff visiting the scheme twice a week available to deal with residents’ queries.

The rents and service charge for the accommodation and the use of the amenities are kept as low as possible. However, if residents have insufficient income or savings, the Trust will help residents to apply for Housing Benefit to cover the costs.